Song: Wolf & I
Artist: Oh Land
Album: Oh Land
Played: 104 times

Oh Land // Wolf & I

The only place we had to meet was night,
While the sun, he sleeps in shadows, we can hide.
On the mountainside we spent our time together,
But it is gone when morning comes.

And you are the wolf.

♥ 15 — 10 hours ago on 15 Apr 2014

Song: Marked Man
Artist: Mieka Pauley
Album: The Science of Making Choices
Played: 194 times

Mieka Pauley // Marked Man

If you search your soul, and it sets you free,
And you’re all contrite like you ought to be,
It might get you off, get you right with God,
But you’ll never be right with me.

You’re a marked man, brother, 
A marked man, hey,
And get right down on your knees and pray,
And thank the Lord I don’t have my way.

♥ 21 — 1 day ago on 14 Apr 2014

Song: Roll the Bones
Artist: Shakey Graves
Album: Roll the Bones
Played: 4495 times

Shakey Graves // Roll the Bones

Yeah, well so it goes.
Yeah, so it goes.
Oh, them city boys in country clothes.
Yeah, let’s take a chance
Oh, and roll the bones!
yeah, go crash that car;
Unplug that phone.

yeah, and try to forget all them enemies and debts;
Yeah, they’ll chase you around and give you sour dreams.

((Purchase the EP here.))

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Song: Rat Trap
Artist: Feed Me
Album: Calamari Tuesday
Played: 1937 times

Rat Trap // Feed Me


Preorder Calamari Tuesday here 

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Song: Strong
Artist: London Grammar
Album: If You Wait
Played: 818 times

London Grammar // Strong

Yeah, I might seem so strong,
Yeah, I might speak so long,
I’ve never been so wrong.

♥ 133 — 1 week ago on 08 Apr 2014

Song: Pride
Artist: paris monster
Album: paris monster
Played: 268 times

Paris Monster // Pride

I’ll spit till I’m dry.
I’ll shove back her thighs.
And she’ll scratch my face and tell me I’m a goddamn sorry sight;
That I’m drunk and I’m wild;
That I fuck like a child.
That’s all I need to hear to know this bitch is mine;
That she won’t put up no fight;
She’s my angel, my pride,
Ooh pride.

♥ 20 — 1 week ago on 06 Apr 2014

Song: With Strangers
Artist: Little Joy
Album: Little Joy
Played: 276 times

Little Joy // With Strangers

I keep pretending not to care
Oh the winter scent in her hair
compels my hands to do
the things my heart wouldn’t dare

♥ 19 — 1 week ago on 04 Apr 2014

Song: Run Boy Run (Instrumental)
Artist: Woodkid
Album: Divergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)
Played: 50042 times


Instrumental Version of Run Boy Run by Woodkid from the train scene in Divergent (sadly not on the soundtrack)

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Song: Desire
Artist: Meg Myers
Album: Make A Shadow
Played: 438 times

Meg Myers // Desire

Baby, I want to touch you,
I wanna breathe into your will.
See, I gotta to hunt you,
I gotta to bring you to my hell.
Baby, I wanna fuck you,
I wanna feel you in my bones.

♥ 33 — 3 weeks ago on 21 Mar 2014

Song: The Angry River
Artist: The Hat
Album: True Detective Soundtrack
Played: 1008 times

The Hat // The Angry River

These dead men walk on water
Cold blood runs through their veins
The angry river rises
As we step into the rain.

♥ 98 — 4 weeks ago on 17 Mar 2014

Song: Then Kill Cæsar
Artist: Current 93
Album: Black Ships Ate The Sky
Played: 709 times

Current 93 // Then Kill Caesar

The sunset comes
And then becomes
A million sunrises
Shuddering at once
But then kill Caesar.
Black ships invade the realm,
Then kill Caesar.

♥ 25 — 1 month ago on 15 Mar 2014

Tame Impala // Stranger in Moscow
(Michael Jackson cover)

How does it feel (How does it feel),
How does it feel,
How does it feel,
When you’re alone,
And you’re cold inside?

♥ 4 — 1 month ago on 14 Mar 2014 (source)

Song: You Look So Fine
Artist: Garbage
Album: Version 2.0
Played: 289 times

Garbage // You Look So Fine

You look so fine, 
I want to break your heart
And give you mine,
You’re taking me over.

♥ 27 — 1 month ago on 11 Mar 2014

Song: Angel
Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Mezzanine
Played: 465 times

Massive Attack // Angel

Her eyes
She’s on the dark side
Every man in sight

♥ 57 — 1 month ago on 09 Mar 2014

Song: Blue Sunshine
Artist: U.S. Royalty
Album: Blue Sunshine
Played: 211 times

U.S. Royalty // Blue Sunshine

I was caught in the heat of the moment,
As if paralyzed.
Trumpet sound and the ground opens up:
I feel swallowed alive.

((Band’s Bandcamp here))

♥ 7 — 1 month ago on 08 Mar 2014